Unused wells have 3 options in Minnesota:

  1. You permit it for future use. This requires a fee to the state and paperwork.
  2. You make it fully operational.
  3. You have it sealed by a licensed water well contractor (That’s Us!)

Where is the well?

Many wells are located inside homes and additionally in the garage or
outbuildings. Older sites can have many different types of wells depending on
the age. Finding a well on a remodeled property can be tricky. They can be
found in basements, well room offset areas, crawlspaces, closets, utility rooms,
stairwells, outside pits, small outdoor buildings, under driveways, basement
floors, patios, sidewalks and of course out in the yard just to name a few.

Here are some pictures of different types of wells we come across:

A Question we get frequently:

“I don’t want to seal my well, it’s old and I
haven’t used it for a long time. Can you make it work?”
Sometimes. It depends on the age of the well, it’s size and type and how
long it has sat unused. It is difficult to tell the condition of a well when
only a foot or two sticks above the surface.